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Professional (Dan X Phil)
Dan is sick.
Nothing major, just a small flu.
He didn't think he needed to go to the hospital, but his friends insisted.
So he went, he still didn't want to, but he went.
Day 2 of being in the hospital.
Dan awoke to a knock at his door. Blinking to clear his eyes, he called to the stranger. A nurse in light blue scrubs walked in, he had eyes to match. Dan couldn't stop staring, until he realized that he was probably being rude. He cleared his throat and coughed awkwardly, to which the pretty nurse took as an actual cough.
"Do you want me to get anything for that cough?" the man asked.
Dan's eyes widened, he hadn't planned for this.
"Erm, no no I'm fine!'' he laughed, rubbing his arm.
The man just stared then nodded with a hum. He sat down in the squeaky rolling stool and pulled himself to the computer to check Dan's vitals.
"How are we feeling today Mr. Howell?"
"I-I'm okay, just a little stuffy still. I didn't sleep well last night so I'm a bit tired."
The nurse nodded and typed som
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Sunglasses (DanXPhil)
December 24th, 2016.
Dan walked into the small retail store where he worked, a large coffee cup in his hand. It was going to be a long day, the holidays were always busy. Not that he minded, he liked to see all the different stories that came with people and what they bought. The store he worked in was quaint, not too small and not part of a big chain.
The day was one of the boring days, seeming to drag on forever. No one seemed like they were in the mood to talk. Costumer after costumer came and went, taking candles, clothes, and accessories with them. It was getting close to closing and no one out of the ordinary came in, that is until a tall man strolled in. He had striking blue eyes and black hair. His shirt was bright blue with polka dots of a darker version of the base color, matched with black skinny jeans and black shoes. Oh no, he was cute. Dan tried hard not to stare as the man walked over to the sunglasses and picked up a pair of frames. The man made a funny face at himself
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Markiplier X Reader - Hugs
His hugs were like a blanket, a safe space. Warm, loving, like a giant teddy bear.
"Mark, I'm home!" You yelled through the apartment that you and him shared. There were no noises coming from the recording room, so maybe the kitchen?
You kicked off your shoes at the front door and hung your coat on the rack.
Softly making your way to the kitchen, you stopped at the threshold to the tiled floor. There he was, red hair disheveled, a slight arch in his back from leaning on the counter and reading a cookbook.
"Mark?" You called "what are you doing?"
He whipped around, startled.
"Oh, hi (Y/N)!!" He said as he stepped forward to give you a peck on the lips.
"I'm reading a recipe, I wanted to surprise you but I lost track of time." He stated, while looking down at his feet.
"Oh, Mark" you giggled "It's okay that it's not a surprise anymore, hey maybe I can help cook!"
He looked up, a grin creeping onto his face.
"That sounds like a great idea, then we can watch a movie later!" He said, smilin
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Peridot X Reader: Unexpected Friendship
You had just moved to Beach City and already had a nice job, a small apartment, and a pet of your own. Life was pretty nice, with living by the beautiful beaches and the lovely town with its lovely people. What will happen in your life when a not-so-earth-accustomed gem crashes on the beach? Well, fate will decide.
You sighed as you walked into your cozy little apartment and threw your keys onto the table next to the door. Taking your shoes off as you went, you padded into the kitchen. You looked in the cupboards and fridge, but to your dismay nothing was what you wanted. You groaned in realization that you needed to buy food. Sighing as you put on your shoes again, you looked at the clock on the wall.
"Well, I've got a few hours of daylight left so I'll walk to the beach before I go shopping." You muttered, walking out the door.
You walked swiftly to the beach, finding an unfamiliar figure standing where you usually sit.
"H-hello?" You called, casually walking to the fig
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Contest Entry! by charabae Contest Entry! :iconcharabae:charabae 6 1 Lion and Steven Universe by charabae Lion and Steven Universe :iconcharabae:charabae 15 1 Amethyst Steven Universe Art by charabae Amethyst Steven Universe Art :iconcharabae:charabae 2 0
A Little Demon's Childhood Chapter 2: Home?
The tears were still streaming down my face when the tall goat stopped before me. She looked like the goat who found me, so I'm guessing it was his mother.
"Asriel!" She exclaimed "what happened to this poor child?!"
Asriel... What in interesting name.. I thought. Their voices started to muffle and distort as black spots clouded my vision. The older goat seemed to take notice of my swaying and steadied me with her paws on my shoulders. Her face contorted into a face of worry and motherly love. She swept her arm under my legs and picked me up bridal style. She started toward the gate, Asriel trotting close behind.
I went in and out between conscious and unconscious, I could see hallways and doors rush past.
It my blurry world I heard voices, mostly the mother goat ordering Asriel to fetch things and something about a king. I remember being laid down on a soft bench like chair. The ground started to shake. I started to panic and Asriel came and sat next to my head.
"It's okay, we are in
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A Little Demon's Childhood Chapter 1: Fallen
Chara's POV
I awoke from my deep slumber, my mouth dry. Everything hurt, my head, my legs, get the point. The entire world was spinning at a terrifying speed. I tried to sit up but my aching body protested.
"What in the name of Hades happened?" I asked myself, finally pushing myself into a upright position.
I looked around to unfamiliar surroundings and my hands grabbed at the strange plants I was laying on. My gaze fell to the plants under me.
Flowers. Golden Flowers.
I smiled, for the flowers made me feel safe and reminded me of home. Home. I wasn't home. I shot upright, my head pounding. Where am I? I heard rustling in the bushes around me.
A small figure skipped out from behind the bush and waltzed over to me. I couldn't quite see them, but I stood tall. Well, as tall as you can be while lying helpless on the ground. I looked over to the figure and realized that he wasn't quite human. Relatively small in size with white fur and blue eyes. The thing that stood out the most
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I'm just undertale trash who likes to write.
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